Enrolment Policy

Diocese of Bathurst Enrolment Policy is available here

The schools of the Catholic system have been established to support Catholic parents in the holistic education of their children.  Particular emphasis is given to supporting parents in the faith development of their children.


Enrolment at St Matthews Catholic School is determined by the following criteria: 

  1. Baptised Catholic students living within the parish/school area
  2. Siblings of students already attending the school whose families have demonstrated ongoing support for the Catholic mission of the school
  3. Baptised Catholic students living outside the parish/school area
  4. Students of families who have “special pastoral circumstances” as assessed by the Principal/Parish Priest
  5. Non-Catholic students with a Catholic parent of care-giver
  6. Non-Catholic students whose parents wish them to have a Christian education and agree for them to participate in the religious education program of the school and who are prepared to support the Catholic mission of the school 


  • The Principal (via the Enrolment Committee) will then make the final decision regarding enrolment. 

Other Considerations

  • Date of lodgement of Enrolment form
  • Child should be five years old before 31 July of the Kindergarten year. The school, however, recommends 30th March as a more appropriate age cut-off
  • Child must be enrolled in the name on their Birth Certificate or passport

Supporting Documentation

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Other Sacramental Certificates
  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Record
  • Current School Report (if applicable)
  • NAPLAN (if applicable)  

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process consists of the following:

  1. Completion of an Enrolment Application Form
  2. Read ‘Agreement’ (page 9 of Application form) and sign ‘Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Declaration     
  3. Read ‘Standard Collection Notice’ (page 10 of Application form), sign Declaration and return Enrolment Application form to the School
  4. ‘Fee Agreement’ must be signed by all parents/fee payers and returned to the School 

Kindergarten & Year 7 for the Following Year

  1. Enrolment forms must be lodged by the Monday of the final week of Term 2
  2. Parents are notified of an enrolment interview date and time
  3. Enrolment Committee meets
  4. Parents/Guardians are notified via email of the success of the enrolment application within two weeks after the interview
  5. Parents can confirm their place by responding to this email

All Other Enrolments

  1. Book and complete a school tour and collect enrolment application forms
  2. Once all paperwork is completed and submitted, an enrolment interview will be scheduled and conducted with parents and child(ren)
  3. Enrolment Committee meets
  4. Parents/Guardians are notified via email of the success of the enrolment applications within two weeks after the interview period
  5. Parents can confirm their place by responding to this email 

Note re: Device Requirements and ICT policy for Secondary

  • Years 7-9 are required to purchase a Chromebook (which can be arranged through the School)
  • Years 10-12 can choose their device, however, our IT Department will only support Chromebook or Apple devices
  • Parents/Guardians and students must sign our Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
  • Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for further information. 

Please Note:

  • Advertisements calling for enrolments with an enrolment closing date must be promptly attended to, so as to avoid disappointment
  • Children may not be enrolled if they have been expelled or suspended from another school, have a criminal record, or have a poor history of continued behavioural problems
  • Previous schools will be contacted during the Enrolment process for all children
  • If a single parent has custody of the enrolling child, the most recent documentation from the Family Law Court must be given to the School Principal at the initial interview
  • The choice of the child’s teacher each year is solely the decision of the School Principal
  • If parent(s)/guardian(s) remove the child(ren) from the school due to non-compliance of school policies, the child(ren) will not be re-enrolled
  • Parents are asked to complete a Student Exit form when your child leaves the school