Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St Matthews.

We recognise that this is one of the most important decisions you as Parents or Carers will ever have to make.

Does my child need to be Catholic to enrol?

All families and their children, Catholic or non-Catholic, are invited to have a Catholic education, however parents must support the philosophy of the Catholic School and children must participate in Religious Education classes and attend Religious activities such as class/school prayer and school Masses.

A priority order is considered as outlined in the Enrolment Policy to students who are baptised Catholic and who live in the local parish, however, we do welcome all who wish to be guided in their education by the principles and teachings of Christ.


Eligibility to Attend Kindergarten

By law all children in NSW must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday. All children who turn 5 before the 31st July are eligible for enrolment. However, the school recommends 30th March as a more appropriate age cut-off.


Enrolment Process

The Kindergarten enrolment process consists of the following steps:

  • Complete an Enrolment Application Form and School Fee Agreement Form (these forms must be signed by both Parents/Carers where possible)
  • Enrolment forms with supporting documentation should be submitted by the Friday of Week 9 in Term 2
  • An interview time will be advised for all new families to the school
  • Enrolment Committee meets
  • Parents/Carers are notified via email of the success of the enrolment application within two weeks after the interview. Parents confirm their place by responding to this email
  • Information will be sent to families regarding our "Bright Beginnings" Orientation Program 

Supporting Documention (to be supplied with Enrolment Application)

  • Birth Certificate*
  • Immunisation History Certificate/Statement*
  • Sacramental Certificate - Baptism (if applicable)
  • Passport, Visa, Citizenship Documentation (if applicable)*
  • Current Family Court Orders (if applicable)*
  • Relevant medical and/or special needs information and/or speech, hearing, OT, cognitive assessments (if applicable)