School Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Expectations

At St Matthews we take great pride in our school and the appearance of our students and we insist that the uniform is neat and tidy at all times.

The uniform expectations are an integral component of our school.  By wearing their uniform well, our students are showing pride in their school and themselves.  They are also, in one way, enhancing the reputation of our school and within the local community, region and Diocese.  This enhanced reputation can assist our students in a range of areas, but more particularly when applying for employment near the end of their time at our school.

The following are some general guidelines in relation to the appearance of the school uniform:

  • The uniform should be neat and tidy at all times, including on the way to and from school.  Winter shirts should be tucked in and ties properly done up.
  • Hair should be neat and tidy and off the face at all times.  Girls with shoulder length hair or longer must tie it back.  As a general rule, if the style attracts attention or comment it is not appropriate.  Hair should be of a natural colour.
  • On sports day students should wear full sport uniform.  Representative Diocesan tracksuits are only to be worn for Diocesan representative events and are not permitted to be worn at school events.
  • Students must wear full school uniform on excursions unless otherwise specifically indicated in the excursion note.
  • Compulsory School bags should be kept neat and tidy in appearance.
  • Hats are a compulsory component of the school uniform expectations and must be worn for all activities in the sun, including during recess and lunch.
  • Shoes must be black, polishable, traditional, lace up shoes with a moderate heel.


The following jewellery is permitted to be worn at school:

  • A watch
  • One plain stud or sleeper earring per ear (girls only). Boys are not permitted to wear an earring.
  • A cross on a chain 
    Nail polish and make-up are not to be worn.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as elastics and ribbons should match the school uniform e.g. 

Infants/Primary Summer: Pink

Infants/Primary Winter: Maroon

Secondary: Maroon and blue

Sports Uniform:  Green and gold 

If your child cannot wear the uniform for any reason please provide a dated note explaining the reason for the issue and when the uniform will be able to be rectified.  This note must be given to your child’s Academic Care Advisor (Secondary) or teacher (Infants/Primary) in the morning.

Please ensure all school clothing has a name clearly marked on each item so it can be returned to your child if lost. 

You can find information on pricing and how to purchase the school uniform in the Midford Uniform Shop tab under Enrolments on our website.