School Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Policy

Our Vision

As a K-12 school community we believe that all can grow in their learning at high levels in an environment which celebrates the truth of our faith in Jesus, excellence in education and a commitment to the wellbeing of all.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to collectively work towards our vision by placing Jesus at the centre of all that we do and embracing the values of St Matthews Way. Like St Matthew our school patron, we are called to be more, by living the truth of these values to the best of our ability.

What We Value

  • Excellence - Developing confident and capable learners through collaborative, dynamic and transformational learning experiences
  • Courage - Building skills in persistence and resilience to embrace challenges
  • Compassion - Providing support and enhancing the wellbeing of others and ourselves
  • Respect - Fostering an appreciation for the goodness, value and rights of everyone and everything, through our thoughts, words and actions
  • Service - Contributing to society by using our gifts and experiences for the betterment of others


  • A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instills recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Dress Code.


To promote equality amongst all students.

  • To further develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our school.
  • To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment.
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.


  • The school has developed a Dress Code that we believe provides choice for the students, allows for students to safely engage in the many varied school activities, and caters for the financial constraints of families.
  • The Dress Code applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when students are on school excursions.
  • Summer and winter uniforms, as well as sports uniforms will be prescribed, and are required to be worn.
  • Hairstyles should be neat and tidy and not bring undue attention to the student.
  • For female students hair past the shoulders must be tied back using accessories that complement the school uniform (eg: school colours).
  • For male students hairstyles which fall past the collar are not permitted.
  • Extreme hair colors (eg: coloured rinses) and/or extreme hairstyles (eg: spikes or mohawks) are not permitted. Hairstyles are not to be exaggerated.
  • Male students need to be clean shaven.
  • School shoes should be black, polishable traditional style lace up with a moderate heel.
  • Make up is not to be worn.
  • The only headwear that is acceptable is the school hat. This must be worn outside at all times. Hats are not to be worn inside.
  • The student Dress Code, including details of uniform items is available at the Midford Uniform Shop.
  • Parents seeking exemptions to the Dress Code due to economic hardship must apply in writing to the Executive Principal for consideration.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.


Ratified by the School Leadership Team.

Date of Implementation


Date of Last Review

MARCH 2020

Date for Next Review