The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) plays a vital role within the St Matthews community. The Association comprises parents, guardians and friends of students as well as staff. The key function of the P&F is to help foster the development of a strong sense of community at St Matthews. The P&F places strong emphasis on providing opportunities for social interaction of parents and staff. From time to time the P&F is involved in fundraising and developing appropriate levels of parent involvement.

A strong partnership between St Matthews and home is fostered from the time a student enters the school and the continuation of that association is valued long after they leave.

The P&F hold meetings on Tuesday of Weeks 3 and 7 each term at 7.00pm. The AGM is held on the second meeting for Term 1.

New members are always welcome to attend.

To find out more about our P&F and for any enquiries please contact