St Matthews has a comprehensive retreat and reflection program for students across all years. The retreat program aims to provide opportunities for faith formation appropriate for the specific age of a student and considers the reality that students come from diverse experiences of faith and spirituality. The retreat program utilises the values of the St Matthews way as retreat themes and aims to develop students’ relationships with God, others and themselves. For students in Years 2, 3 and 6, reflection days are designed to help them in their sacramental preparation. Year 6 students also have a post-Confirmation reflection day to process the sacramental mystery which has occured. The school's retreat program culminates in a three day retreat for Year 12 students equipping them with skills to realise God’s plan for their life.

In addition to the spiritual formation of students, St Matthews values the importance of forming its staff. A number of opportunities exist for staff to develop their understanding of faith including an annual staff retreat day, diocesan formation opportunities and twilight sessions. Staff are also encouraged to participate in the opportunities the parish provides for faith formation.