St Matthews K - 12 Experience

The St Matthews K - 12 Experience

One of the defining features of our wonderful school is the continuity we provide from Kindergarten to Year 12. This important part of our educational philosophy ensures we maintain strong alignment across our approaches to Learning, Wellbeing and Faith. It also provides opportunities for students of different ages to connect with and support one another. At the heart of a K-12 community is the ability for your child to grow and be nurtured at every stage of their learning journey through the strength of continuous relationships and a strong sense of community. 

While our Primary and Secondary Campuses occupy separate school sites, throughout the year we create multiple opportunities for authentic interaction between students of all ages:

  • Secondary students assist with primary carnivals and sporting events
  • House Patron Days are an opportunity to bring students together for fun, faith and celebration
  • School Musicals include students from both campuses
  • Our annual ‘Mission Frolic’ is a highly anticipated afternoon where we all come together to raise funds for Catholic Mission
  • Secondary students assist at Primary events such as Fathers Day Breakfast, Mothers Day High Tea and the Year 6 Graduation
  • Our infants students create a special farewell for our Year 12 students each year