The St Matthews Way aims to articulate how we as a school community hope to be - both staff and students. Grounded in the example of our patron, St Matthew, and foundress, Catherine McAuley, the St Matthews Way challenges us to “be more” in the way we respond to Jesus.

To live the St Matthews Way begins by placing Jesus at the centre of all that we do just like St Matthew and Catherine McAuley. In other words, it starts by putting God first. We do this communally by recognising and participating in the Catholic life of the school which forms the very centre of who we are as a school community. We do this individually by recognising the St Matthews Way values inside of us and offering our gifts in the service of others.

The St Matthews Way has become the foundation of the vision and mission of our school community and as such permeates all aspects of school culture. It is defined by the values of Excellence, Courage, Compassion, Respect and Service which come from the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy. You may notice that there isn’t a value to explicitly represent the faith element of our school community. This has been done deliberately since our faith in Jesus is not an isolated aspect of school life but envelops all that we do.