Helping guide young people to the heart of Jesus lies at the very core of our identity as a Catholic School. To achieve this goal, a wide variety of opportunities exist for students of all ages to develop their understanding of Christian discipleship. For example, the school actively supports students attending diocesan youth events such as Rise (Years 6-9) and national gatherings such as the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (Years 9-12). These opportunities help students to appreciate their sense of belonging to the wider Catholic Church.

One of the more formal structures of youth ministry within the school is the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International (CSYMI) program. This program is a response to the call of the New Evangelisation and aims to develop intentional disciples through peer to peer ministry. Students in Years 9 and 10 elect to participate in CSYMA and develop a variety of skills in addition to exploring their faith. The students are trained to assist in the facilitation of sacramental and leadership reflection days for primary students. The program also serves as a pathway for further leadership opportunities as Ministry Captains in Year 11 and as young Christian leaders within the wider church community. 

An important dimension of youth ministry is providing students with opportunities to be of service to others. This comes in a variety of formats including Mini Vinnies (primary students), the Social Justice Team (junior secondary) and Service Learning (Year 11). The school also has a key fundraising focus each term. These are:

Term 1 - Project Compassion (Caritas)

Term 2 - St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

Term 3 - Catholic Mission

Term 4 - St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

In addition to these campaigns numerous other charitable causes are supported throughout the year to highlight Christ’s call to call for the marginalised.




Mini Vinnies